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This site will contain exerpts from the material I am currently writing, titled "Harsov the Harsh" about a human child whose parents are half elves. In addition, there are two other partially completed stories. They include "Ymir the Deadly Werefrog" a fantasy story with some humorous elements, and "The Somnombulatron" a sci-fi story I am attempting to write in the style of the old 50's and 60's sci-fi. "The AggieCon Chronicles" relates a true life story of what happened when I attended the fantasy/sci-fi convention AggieCon WAY back in 1981. My best friend, David, thought it was the most wonderful, exiting time of his life. He passed on to the other side on July 29, 2005. He still had a copy of my story with him. In his honor I present it here for your amusement. I will also be publishing a book length manuscript entitled "Thrak", a heroic fantasy I wrote many years ago. Compare it to my current work on Harsov to see how my writing has changed. The first three pieces are works in progress, and any feedback on the part of my readers would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and effort, and may your pen (and imagination) never run dry...Jarasel Bladesong

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I began writing fantasy stories in junior high, the same time that I became "hooked" on reading. At that time I discovered the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and Lin Carter. While I may never match their power and style, I do my best to channel the spirit of adventure that permeated their work, and give it expression so that others may come to know the wonder and imagination that is heroic fantasy. I currently work in retail 40-48 hours a week, and write in whatever "spare" time I find. I also enjoy disc golf and most sports, though unfortunately I swim like a rock. I once tried to teach myself to swim by jumping in the deep end of a pool. Though thrashing furiously, I sank just as fast, and wound up walking a- long the bottom and out the shallow end. I am a voracious reader, and the walls of my study are lined with bookcases crammed with books, all of which I have avidly devoured. I am also a collector of fantasy books, especially the older material. Burroughs and Howard remain my favorite authors, though a new writer, David Gemmel, ranks a close third. Other inspirations are Andre Norton, Michael Moorcock, L. Sprague deCamp, and Lin Carter. I hope to eventually publish fantasy novels of my own, and join the ranks of those who have inspired me...




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