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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Beloveth Mother

We all know what it takes a Nigeria single mother to raise her children, it has not been easy for over 12 year since mr and mrs adebola divorce, mr adebola is financely andicap and unwilling to help and mrs adebola cant leave her kids to suffering so she had to take up the responsibility by taking her three children to Lagos for a better upbringing, she decided not to get married to any man, she tried all her possibly best and thank God it was all fulfiled, the first child finish school as a law student and got married to the most richest man on earth and the second as well as the third and they all take care of their mother, after some year there father started bringing up some issues and threatning to kill the three kid if their mother could not release them to him, the first child tried charging her dad to court but her mum was against, "he's your father, i know what he want just go to your father house and beg him, tell him you're sorry and accept him as your father " said the woman and they all obey....

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