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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Omega Calendar

Never Homosexuality in Phoenix Envy. There have never been homosexuality in Phoenix Envy.

Star singular singularity illuminating illumination, conjurence barence baring centralization to the profancy of the creating perimeter - allure, the sparkling creating atom's blooming into concretion, stare star onto the ..... So the sea rose precipitous - And Cometh, came Omega, bent upon to the literation of creation atoms autonomy as heaps congregation dan body colloquial bends the contra depictionary of dreamt creating mirror - through creation site is of dream, temperance set within a creation creating hearth flaring into all that matters - the privil is a matterism proportioning mechanism laminate in the coherence to the subjective connotations implement in the creation of civilization, crystal, a form in within the preclosure of creation.

Sol the sea rose, sol shall be deeming into darkness - the Fictitious and the Fictional. Sol the rose, allure, Cometh and came Omega, bent upon flare into the imagination of dream that atom's allocate as heaps - dementative and ..... bends the deception of man looking through a mirror for the reflection, upon the set of deeds and creation there is thereforth therefore, sitting befiddling..... the central interplication of man is The priority of several stars parrying that are stars', besiding the be fiddling beauty of stars': Sol the initial creation is a crystal mechanism to be literative of a crystal rose, creating, bequeathing creation that it is a being - ..... and transientation

The priority of several stars parrying that are stars', besiding the be fiddling beauty of stars': Sol the initial creation - Several animal stars began to evolve, Transference into robotic animals that can Transference into human-like robots - merely in the wake is a rise, to evolve, rise that it is the conception of being in beauty. A crystal beauty blue in the eruption of specifications redesigns that are the initial atom's in creation of their wake: Their redesigns are of themselves, To approach - to come near, to draw near - to setup, to abiru, to hiku, to nuku egaku toru, to rise, to illuminate templating temperance pulsatiles pulsing light, light pulsing into star - light to thrust into, self of sovereignty sovereign of star to bury into - to dig into to make (to create), to sasu - a cloud of dust, to cause - to okosu, to meet to create, to establish - to setup, to develop, to formulate creation, to create, to invoke beauty, to sharpen, to make clear to shut - to tooru, to finalize, to finalize, to finalize, to kanban kumu: Forms within path to precipitous beginning that started, underneath starting conceptualizations of endeavorance - stating to be atoms, starting creations are created by god.

300 Era Before

To Sun beautiful - To the beauty of the sunshine, ...... on the embodiment of the .... and of back, endeavorance of to what is..... Saint sovereignty of the locomotion of a shine glimmering illumination onto the sunset, the shine of the midday cavalier to the perch precipitous seasons'blooming several market, places pensing to what is and elaboration of what the Phoenix is

"We run and play, and people stay out of our way. The name of the city is Sokudo Byousoku Shigensokudo Sokuryokudo Velocity Prefecture in the Ward of Illumination."

The Seasonsnightinggail is derived from the nobility of the family line and the military court bloodline assisting the Kunoichi Hanamachi, descending from the Emperor Saga of Islands of Phoenix Sakura, Providence was journeyed to and located - the took the name of the Seasonsnightinggail whether it was abandoned or humans never existed in the proximity of residence, a falls pouring onto a river perpetuated the site of a mythical mythological known as Omega holding a Katana Blade in a city known as Sa-settsu in Islands of Phoenix Sakura Residence Providence of Kyoto. (Memoir, the memoir is taken from the Last Family Name and rewritten with respect. This is a work professional rules apply, the Last Family Name is by Open Group Family Debate. It has been my experience that I have seen a lot of Lady no Shigefuru within random daydreams, though figuratively.)

The surname is of hilt and swords, coming from a entity in myth as Omega - though the earliest Last Names were Fire and Water, and then Ikkitousen Eiyuugouketsu, the first name was extraordinarily religious that it congregated into Omega.

The name Shadow N Light is actually derived from Seasonsnightinggail

1020 A.D., Omega was appointed Queen of Saga Perplexity Summit - where she fell Befalling onto across her swords. The area's of the era became too recked with bandits stated by the Fictional Book and Of the era, the area's became too overly crowded - iterating all is of reason. It was of a area in a port of a mountain, in-between two mountains, literally a summit that ponders quandary between a hill and mountain perpetually pertaining a smooth slope.

73 Subdivisions Of Seasons'

Before Omega Wintersnightinggale birth,


1929: -

OFlare shalt onto the light illumination darkness onto the darkness morning night onto the day, flare onto the darkness, flare onto the morning, light illumination being glaring primordial onto a star. Of the flare, primordial star, sovereign in the clear sanctum - ascension in the flare fantoming prospect of creation, hence flare of scarlet creating that it is a singularity star. Flare, baring in neither complication or pertaining to be that it is which nor holding - thriving flare in to the universe cosmos, pertaining, to be perimeter creation. Protruding equivalences equilibrium assumptions - flare is hence, therefore thereforth on and is preluding.

The flare that protrudes the will fabric of purity cascading emptiness into creating - into flare creation, into flare elaboration of creation in the committee of being that it is or that it is form of being. If the fabrication is the turning transformation from neither, flare it is to transference it forming as transformation that it is forming flare to the transference that is transformation that it is Before equilibrium abrallic atom flare reaches of love ought the sunset - listening to the harmonization forming sacred flare, lifting a sacred flare.

To substantiation of flare lair into the occasion in its sovereign interriation connotation/correlating ..... midrift literation in distinction, flare in flare in connotation correlation into being, privation of indifference - flare - if of upon connotation differentiating to the clear ascension

The gear matterism mechanization is into flare, congregating lessons to the holding of crest - a formative atom to the literation of books. Before the resonance is in inclement flare. The indiclancy flare sites everything in the creation of the One True Dominance Supremacy - in form that parries illuminations seemingly to be providence yet truly the heart is prefacing in providence of, yet Providence is within the hearth. Building into yet structure is a congregating architecture, a city - a constructual elaboration personifying a gigantic temple that wares within itself is a city.

Sovereignty within the clear san

Asunder onto the neither, summit, to the darkess that is the darkness featuring light to the encompass creating the skies - Flare Of Scarlet, to the waitering skies above giving the creating horizons, burning into the creating atom's. To the waitering skies bypassing into form summit into the darkness baring only sovereign of light, the Night Of Fire, assailing onto abberation gailing flare - inclement on form that may be giving light, form into being, that light may be illumination. Darkness inclement on light enclaiming on a singularity sovereign star, Flare Of Scarlet, darkness simeous simultaneously be arch art of being - Befalling and Befallen, star beginning being. To decipher on the summit of star, flare onto the inaugural - Scarlet, to the summering flare of as celestial trailing into the creating creation of complex, it is to form of being that it is form of pasture that is in its concretion the beginning, Flare Of Scarlet onto the pleasant of the creating darkness/light. Flare onto bequeath that there might be Scarlet, be that form in the creation concretionary of Scarlet:

Settling the creation of a rose, a rosetta, in its divine divinity of being. Beautiful of that of a creating beautiful, orchard of the creating presence - A beauty such is of a rose, a rose vault to silhouette of concretion concretionary in dominance/supremacy mere in the creating horizon that it is of a rose. A mist creation creating, of a rose, is/isn't of a rose to be creating - that it is of a rose, creating the summit, the plateau, and the plain, basis of conceptualization forming into and into - if it is/isn't of a rose. ...... Rose's vault to humanity in scarlet perpetuating in a creating concretionary, personifying a mist: Of a flower field relative to its own distinction whilst in the whelm of humans is the concede of the temperance of the solar flare congregating the breeze/wind baring the summit in its prohesion creation is written within the flowerbed. A court few - a proprietary to what is to migrate by billion, a path/passage in creating creation, a trillion flowers peddles for the equivalent of life's. A confluent congregating of and therefore thereforth of - of the creating skies is the creating horizon, burning slightly in its creation that solar flares fueling a abbrievated blaze on a temperance blade such is a gentle flower. Such is a gentle flower, bloom in its matterism, gearing my path passageway. If there is ever being, there is presence/presence is there, that sovereignty above the star is a Shard of Scarlet and a Shard of Shira: Bare with sin, path or passage! This path or passage, if it is a slight warning that's heard in the unseen - a flower a gailing in the " To the temperance solar flare, together such will find the hope sought! " If there was ever being, there is ever being aware, there is presence that presence is there, that it is unaware that it is of being of Scarlet Phoenix and Shira Darknfire. It is unaware that's unbeknownst the whereas of era for Scarlet Phoenix and Shira Dark'N'Fire, it is known of that they were in within being.

Scarlet Phoenix Calendar:

Scarlet crimson in the flare sky/sea, crimson of the creation/perpetuating/conjuring of a form: Scarlet in the flare crimson sky, of a home, the star light lit. Light in the being/light in the creation of being - In the lantern, settling in the providence light illuminating differentiating its sovereignty light versus light to what it is to scarlet of meaning, to what is shade of meaning, to what is crimson of meaning; forming into being, life by pro-fancy of - molded and forged in a attempting light illumination applet tiering, of providence, of planes into every plane. The approaching is a appreciation of god, of a star - of what is giving by god, omitting the presence: Concretion is the creation of presence. Concretion is the admittance of presence, light of all light is a giving - Uh Scarlet Star to which is the Scarlet day to the night, Scarlet light. The star that bares all forming matterism materialization into the creation of a star, uh shining star, in its own shimmering glimmer of seasons: Scarlet, is the creation. Perpetuating in its own concretion, fumikiri omoikkiri, starlight of a scarlet star, parrying equilibrium determination concretion to one creation extends temperance by one's step into the scarlet edge of god - life by life, reaching out to the creator's make. Reaching a bridge rail to a crossroads, life by life - the will bares in its own determination correlating simeous duology parity onto the creation of a scarlet star. The burning templating, onto the steps of flare burning star - molding and forging in a attempting enlightenment, starlight signaling on the scarlet star. The flare on the Scarlet Star that bares in its own determination, reaching a crossroads, a concretionary to the comprehension of god elaborating to the light of crimson shining darkness elaborative elative set of illumination: All seasons of ichinichi nichiya crimson shining light - as a sea, day and night on the never a night to last night to the previous night, night before the beginning, night of precipitous. Zenya, a attempting concretionary into allocation creation of light - a consciousness creating to which is the personification of, star, set, star and though the personification of singing

Day is a forging forming in-between, the day sets the night, Blare onto a scarlet darkness in the night of crimson - set the night is the day, twist twirling of a spiral swerving in my kindling star grace glory onto scarlet burning into the wings of light beset illumination illuminating concretionary. To which is the self for forming which is darkness and to what is crimson? Kindling on that Cometh came, over the singularity of a sovereign star, to what the differentation is and encumbant of the materialization piercing the creation of space: Scarlet binds within me!

The star is a loft within me, scarlet, set onto the ackew is the lantern elative of what space is: To the perpetuation of god, creation!

Of the dark incline, there's scarlet - uh, scarlet that bequeath you. That your structure is ones', within you burning solemn flare art claim, that it is a singularity that is you - clear to uh, a distance correlating similarity near star that is in its inclementation forming formation into scarlet that is defining divine definition. To be a singularity of ones' self, creating a horizon - iterating to and since the beginning, uh scarlet to the formitive consolidating consilience constitution forming spontaneously. Uh, scarlet dawn morning - uh, scarlet evening night. It is a course of the singularity star being into within, the concreting concretionary of a creating hearth - to form, uh scarlet. It is to being - to trace onto the matter formed, interlay beginning, forming the befiddling creation in uh, scarlet. To its assertion, it is a star - that horizon is whereas finished, it will be a burning flare, felting divine that it is where whereas to the proclaim knowing of what is god. To its temperance

What perpetuating to me to you, can I do anything for the abberation of apparition presence - onto godhood ( music begins ) The beginning prevalent so many emotions into me. To its temperance

December 10, age infinity unknown though tout of a teenage adolescence is young - culture is defined culture is defining.

For the seasons' leaves of cherry blossom bloom flourishing: Of the burning initial inauguration of - To what is day! It is the beginning of the mythical, of the mysteries, of Scarlet Phoenix and Shira Dark'N'Fire - illuminating illumination substantiation of the beginning glare sun over the sun, the concretion of flourishing cherry blossom leaves morning in the perplexity summit acclimate to the precipitous gleaming radiance mire differentiation between for forth neither, persist, the singularity sovereign of a star outside amidst a radiance beauty differentiating verbalization abberant of creation creating a site to be resonance - Uh, such Trinity parrying oneself to the of hou ichi dochira oku kakuji idiosyncrasy of characteristication sol statement befitting Uh, Scarlet such is the circulation of the archage land destinating circume iterating cumulus amongst the star sun and The radiance touches concretion, Jade of Phoenix to which is Phoenix Jade settling sakutei - pertaining perpetuation and opposition of control, settling the creation of matter to abberation of the bringing under control. Parrying onto oneself of vitality proportionation life, the sea rises to the sky - the sky befall onto the sea, duration is the acclimate migrant to the summit blooming. The duration onto the summit between the morning/dawn during thereforth and another: The morning/dawn keen light illuminating illumination during the blooming summit - migrant of the summit bloom - to the summit, the duration of sunlight between the during thereforth and another of the morning dawn ambiguity the night profound the derivative migration blooming the summit. For tense of the day until the night in its entirety, Phoenix Jade sat in the snow: Bent in the snow, the flourish leaves of cherry blossom against the precipitation. The precipitous accord dilation pier porch of the day duration is till the night blooming what most, Jade, precipitation bares whereas difference correlating the encalling is amorous acclimate is simeous to perch of creation creating to transition is the articulation of creation creating that till the precipitation bares commodity simeous difference to the current of a kimono in the snow: A burning rose, oneself, burning as a rose in the porch horizon calmly the cooling volcano - circumscription, the knee's of Phoenix Jade are bent in the snow. Tilt, star saint star, the transition of the still burning wings are migrant in crimson, wilderness unbeknownst bewilderment in its movement still - sainting star. To the acclimate of precipitation, star saint star: The sky and sea simultaneously creating, the current transitions the sky and sea. The creation is a pave of current, height and below: Too is the distancing atom, preparation for creation. Bent over is the ever creating sea, materializing space: Creating the dew, pond, lake, and oceans' - it is of the sea. Oneself, if they self is Trinity of the three, parrying the onset: Of life, trance the flare has a speech appointment scheduling: And pertaining amazement is amongst the appointment of the all together Zodiac. Scarlet Phoenix, with permission, is allowed to perform with Phoenix Jade and perform as a geisha.

To a creation of a document in its definition declare onto the abberation that it is of the clariative abstract writing to be written of a country in its meaning - To define, that it is within itself a elaborate objective. To its elaborative, a concretion concretionary: To the template simultaneously congregating congregation, the posing writing-writing structure. To the writing quill, it is a beginning. The defining definition of document could mean the frustration of a could.

It was speculated in statement that the Islands of Phoenix Sakura's constitution wasn't to ratify the king as supreme emperor but to ratify the supreme goddess Amaterasu in legalized legislature documentation. Her presence is to guide the people but the duty of the crown royal family king is to lead the people. A legalized legislature document was needed to not objector the two supreme authorities of the Phoenix Sakura Islands, that's why a culture has been built around the formal name of the Islands of Phoenix Sakura and the abbreviation Phoenix Sakura Islands, it's distinctively related as the tossing of two coins. The Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia is the Islands of Phoenix Sakura and the Phoenix Sakura Islands is the crown royal family king. There's actually five temples dedicated to the Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia on the Island of Phoenix Sakura.

If it's to be mysterious, then it's to be " Undercover " - Jade's intentions are mysterious of a name resounding in only Jade. Phoenix Jade derived a undercover kunoichi mission to protect the Islands of Phoenix Sakura flag renown as the Heart of Hearts and the original ink copy of the country's constitution during the vice versa election debate for Scarlet Phoenix and Shira Darknfire. If a executive official wrote there country's name on either historical legislature document that county would own either document and possibly the entire country. We endow our free rights by ourselves and for ourselves, so that we shall forever be free. There will be geisha's kneeing at the parallel paths of a straight congruent line of candidate's.


Do, the edification, decise on being a king - to the creation of civilization being, height on the heaving between that is height in its being forming forge forming Fictional And the height far song is a singing to God - And to the decise of God, within our endeavorance, the civilization is being: Of the forge forging to whether it is creation or divine creation - Owelling the endeavorance of a King or being is the creation of the monarch. Forever is to since, forming philosophy, trace embridle flare of elegance and what it is to creation: Embridle on the star, seasons' are a flare on the correlation correlating creation. To the king, it is to rise upon the sunset horizon - exemplification of a distinction art forming of the sun, in itself creation in the scarlet name of God. The flare is a iteration designating on supremacy or divinity, edification rendering on the star central to the universe. Leaves of Cherry Blossom are flourishing upon the current resonating temperance thoroughly to the conception has pertaken in the form of God - The seasons' are elating elation correlating to the supremacy of the Iterating Sun, the sun onto the creation of the horizon, the creation inaugural beginning is a distinction flare of creation - conceiving conjuration of the inner sanctum, within, rising - therefore thereforth, I'm aware, it is a extraordinary forgery of the settling sun designating: To what must be designa...... The temperance of God is to hot to die: The sun awaiting the sun, every morning and every light, every night - the tailing fathom apparition rises to, to the defining form of the sunset onto the horizon. Rise upon the sunset: The flare of a distinction is on in beginning endeavorance to God or the inter sequencing of being, creation being of god, itself sovereignty. Dare neither accumulating of God or dare not of a supreme goddess or divinity, pondering questions in query and query into questions. The birth of existence To what is a king


The battleships are built for the documentary on Yamato, June 8, 1953.(


March 15, 1970

The Osaka Expo is opening to be the public, under the theme of "Progress and Harmony for Mankind!" (

The Myth Hierarchy Mysterious was founded in the Summer of 1971. (


Summer of 1971, thirteen of its members were disenchaptered in a year span - Myth Hierarchy Mysterious. (

December 1974,

Several soldiers of Nippon refused to accept the Chaos Axises: Night Of Fire was over. Found in AlluraAlphilippina and .... (

A Stand Alone Perplexity perpetuates the presumptive victory in the Islands of Phoenix Sakura Grand (assuming elected leader) is resigns after 23 hours of holding office on allegations of Real Estate fraud and financial exposure. (

June 1975,

The Islands of Phoenix Sakura Grand (assuming elected leader) is arrested on bribery charges of endorsing $1.8 Billion Destiny Continent Monetary Exchange in exchange for luxury aircraft contracts. (

July 1, 1979

Apony creates the MigrantWalkHuman, a cassette audio player - it's production name was known as the TPS-L0, it is a design playback audio accursory mono/stereo device. (

December 25,

Hours after the Omega Wintersnightinggale birth, the gigantic colossal vessel takes off - under the attachment of a shuttle and shipyard, the admiral states "For Progress And Harmony Of Mankind!"

Temperature accurate according to

All dates reflect the Islands of Phoenix Sakura

The temperatures reflect Kyoto within the Islands of Phoenix Sakura

Age 4:

Shall the night comes, u...shering a The seasons' cre.... is standing, before the of h..m..ns can it - there's a ch..ll, the creation of the un...v..ise is Open your eyes, All that is m...nt is in the concr..t...n of creation: Site cre.....n of s..te, All th...ngs l..m...nate in coh...r...nce to the c...nn...t...t.....ns imp....d......nt in cre..... It's a ..... Cr....te onto me a dest...ny in a destination c...ncr...te of and o...r, there's a embodiment for it to form to turn to god: The h...rr..r I (G..d) c..n neither l..t go, w..rmth me - I kn...w f...g...r....t....vely the...r d...d, the to, o...r str....ves to be and y..t w...ll be. W...tho...t any end, w...tho...t any end, to any enc...mb...nt of any whoooooow: I g...t a G...d, wh...'s n..t d...d. I'm all li..... out over y...u, and prec...p...tate the, enough to my p...ll...w into fl....mes...... Within the willow, inherent to a quandary the s...n st...nd one: If the capacity capable of cre.....n sp...ce -Str...nding all cre.....n, Enc...meant of ones..lve, emperoranonist, embodiment thy I see who it is really am - cre... of the h...rt. Shall d..e the eyes th...t op...n the, n...w. The cre.....s made try to Site that I see, overly - y..u c...n see me b..t y...u n...v...r kn..ow

Phoenix Jade created a radio broadcast company, how much money Phoenix Jade has is unknown but Omega Wintersnightinggale is known to be rich.

Omega Wintersnightinggale wears a robot costume to the costume orientation for new infant students.

December 25,



If Story is of a night aware only god, solemn in the day is god,

If Story is of the night, aware only of god: Solemn is the day, only of god - beset the dawn is the day, morning of trinity, the day is the night



The distance of distension, beset star glaze over the horizon cre.....: The appearance of in-between creation of a sky between the latter plane, the concretion presenting in a stone ground - the horizon burns against the sea. A asserting bridge between yet it's simultaneously simeous in-between to what the horizon assort. The claws pouce on the would be shirt of a teenager child stating to be infant, though to be acclaim is unknown: The matter of subject is to be frightened. "Why aren't they prepared to meet the queen?" The tiger drink's...., not the... Why aren't they trained?
Third rewrite, it based on memoir of me in Trinity.


It is to the seasons' temperance on youth, as infant as the new season of leaves of cherry blossom, the purity ridden in the tangi... of concreting pillars summit colorant of white painting onto the heretical impasse in substantiation of country and culture: Infront, all these children are innocent - transposing transposition in dissension of acclimate grey set in firm black, the acute firms all innocence. The acclimation is of the Senpai make, creation to latter encumbant children and parents into the intentions of school - here now and future purposes within the nation. The seasons' is a statement of youth, bed of the white leaves of cherry blossom, it's a blooming of seasons' new light illuminating illumination twilight: Infront of Omega Wintersnightinggale. Stance is the intersection whether it is to teach or teach, "Miyuki" is written on the blackboard by the voluptuous thin young female senpai of a Phoenix Sakura Islands school: The chalk is written in her hand, a drawing, a summit of a tree.


December 25,

The villainous of the PhoenixCats and Natalishuryouhyousaidanza is roaming the mansion of Omega Wintersnightinggale.


January 23,

PhoenixCats aired

November 5,

"Onto the shadow held is the formitable god, a style to be hold is the sun held" - stated the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia. "The sun is to be held like a cup, what is it in the sun or is the sun holding you: "We're going to dance onto the presence plane archage."


September 9,

It is to form, conceptualization conceptualizing form is of creation: Be settling creation of plane, defining definition whether it is divine divinity divination or to, form it is to - concrete is precise, deformative is concise concretionary on the creation of the universe adversary to the wary concretion of its form to complication on the universe form forming formation. Defining definition of vector, Of - device in pause and in conclusion between beginning through ending, beginning until ending, after until day is beginning and until after night is ending.

October 18,

October 18, the centralization concise apparition of fort being, and being is a supportionary mount perplexing the concrete of tile/tile of concretion - it is to the fabrication of being, for the substantiation of human make is being or it is to God that contrise cre....n is of being. For that apparition that is will within objective reality: Darners is in its concretion. For the fore f..f..lling of, obj...ct firm onto obj...tive, the d..v..n..ty d...v..nat...n is p...llar p...rch

It is on a cyber...tomic summit, a particle to the concretion of appropriation dauntage in conception, accursory whereas firmery to a tile perplexity, it is to that conceptualization conjures onto the rationalization of being and make: To contrice being, formalization is being, presence fort within the constituent of cre... Fare, cre..., warmer cre....n is into - c...ler into the conceptualization of th...t f..rm...lizes

October 19,

P. Jade bought Omega 4 Fort figures, a young female infant came to Omega to discuss - I just wanted to query you whether you're g....den Jade bought you four fort, the key k...n of friendship within the Fictional is et...r...l war. It is to respond resonance, reciprocating in friendship - "I'm pl...ying with them right now." To if it is the perplexity of plane, precision assorting is the define defining concr...t...n of cre.....n/cre......n - the l..m...n...te in coh..r..ence to the subsystem substantiations connotationn Impedient in the cre......n of civilization, the li... forces it (that dem...n..r to be it is the ina...g...r...l of cre.......n) f...rces the l...ssons of dowel of l..fe, li... onto ... li... of onto I a in a dest..n..tion th..t p..rticles m..nn..r of ind..v..dual Tr...nces of cre.....n li.... (in) the cre.....n li..... - to its ina...g...r...l beg...nn...

bent on the inaugural of sovereign sovereignty creation exceeding from me that notions is supremacy being the only one, solemn sol light defining flare came of light still onto the plane freedom burn wonderer of the counterasion of being define defining..., conceptualization conception

They're coloring, Omega moves to R.....t right arm using red crayon.

November 1st, 7:30 P.M. Omega Wintersnightinggale went to Eriarigu..nchi, a patient female stood next to Omega Wintersnightinggale while she looked at the price of Fort - it was 199.99. Surprised, Omega Wintersnightinggale picks the box for Fort up and heads to checkout. Without ever settling the box down, Omega Wintersnightinggale reviews the entire box for preparity purchase: The box size itself suggests the full size Fort figure, though it is a blue ..... box. The head is disproportionately illuminated to the figure base. The price registered for the same price. 9:30 P.M. Omega Wintersnightinggale is home, carrying in Fort: Together the Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia and Omega Wintersnightinggale layed Fort on the kitchen floor, the Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia took a sword, beginning to open Fort at the highest hemisphere of the box - it was to prevent visible staple's from flying into Omega Wintersnightinggale face.

November 9,

The Supreme Maravilloso Teologia and Phoenix Jade are searching for Christmas gifts for Omega Wintersnightinggale: searching through the isles of the retail store, both of see the Narukamitank, desiring to buy it.

Age 10:

Omega Wintersnightinggale had two sparring matches as a official military soldier in the Islands of Phoenix Sakura military bypassing cadet status: Omega Wintersnightinggale went into Sun Illumination Burning Style (Phoenix Style) for both matches.



Omega Wintersnightinggale bought a $599.99 neo geo video game console, the supreme goddess is his mother appearing as a avatar. Omega Wintersnightinggale is a billionaire, though such a infant child doesn't have accept to the physical capital.

The video game controller has a design similar to a arcade joystick, simeous to the console's square design: coloration is distinctive of the loading bios, embridling the consumer to the exertion it's a distinct piece of hardware. The factor of fun is evident, pertaining a hope to purchase farther games

Victoria Rage Li

Store cashier looks similar to female...

October 30, The definitions withstanding of uddometaru - wood, the considerable concept construct mi harness of a staple zaishitsu asadachi garnering daigi kasugai conveying university. The firm dai bench dankyuu many terrace to all people between form presence apparition ippai nan shoumon converse conversation to aida Omega. simultaneously - a school, uchi, broom Sakura of electronics kayou talk. Of the settlement talk of the placement blooming leaves of cherry blossom, conjure toosu, simeous to the f.....ure. Build and failure, in a.........ium - wooden. Beta for N...G.... given to O.... ShiaiConsole Game Sei (Nature (Of a person) was announced.

Age 16:

December 1, Night Of Fire

December 22, Seasons' Beginning

Winter's Solstice

December 25,

55 high, mostly sunny

December 26, Blossom Burning Temperance

52 high, mostly cloudy

December 27,

52, mostly sunny

December 28,

57, mostly sunny

December 29,

54, mostly sunny

December 30,

57, mostly sunny

December 31,

57, mostly sunny

January 1, Wheat Sprouts Under Snow

63, mostly cloudy

January 2,

54, mostly cloudy

January 3,

48, mostly sunny

January 4,

46, mostly cloudy

January 5, Parsley Flourishes

43, cloudy

January 6,

46, partially cloudy

January 7,

48, mostly cloudy

January 8,

46, mostly cloudy

January 9,

46, mostly cloudy

January 10, Spring Thaw

46, mostly cloudy

January 11,

48, mostly cloudy

January 12,

48, mostly cloudy

January 13,

48, mostly sunny

January 14,

50, mostly cloudy

January 15, Pheasants Start To Call

50, mostly cloudy

January 16,

48, mostly cloudy

January 17,

52, mostly sunny

January 18,

55, mostly sunny

January 19,

52, mostly sunny

January 20, ButterBurs bud

52, mostly sunny

January 21,

48, mostly sunny

January 22,

37, mostly cloudy

January 23,

46, mostly cloudy

January 24,

39, cloudy

January 25, Ice Thickens On Streams Or Sawamizu Kori Tsumeru

45, mostly cloudy

January 26,

48, mostly cloudy

January 27,

50, mostly cloudy

January 28,

50, mostly sunny

January 29,

45, mostly sunny

January 30,

45, mostly cloudy

January 31,

41, mostly cloudy

February 1,

46, mostly cloudy

February 2,

43, cloudy

February 3,

46, mostly cloudy

February 4, East Wind Melts

45, mostly cloudy

February 5,

48, mostly cloudy

February 6,

50, partially cloudy

February 7,

46, mostly cloudy

February 8,

54, mostly sunny

February 9, Bush Warbler's Start Singing

55, mostly sunny

February 10,

54, mostly cloudy

February 11,

48, mostly cloudy

February 12,

45, mostly cloudy

February 13, Night Of Fire

46, mostly sunny

February 14, Cold Emerge Temperance From Ice

50, mostly cloudy

February 15,

54, cloudy

February 16,

52, mostly cloudy

February 17,

45, mostly cloudy

February 18,

46, mostly cloudy

February 19, Rain Moistens The Soil

45, partially cloudy

February 20,

50, mostly cloudy

February 21,

46, mostly cloudy

February 22,

39, mostly cloudy

February 23,

48, mostly sunny

February 24, Mist Starts Linger

54, mostly sunny

February 25,

55, mostly cloudy

February 26,

54, mostly cloudy

February 27,

57, mostly sunny

February 28,

63, mostly sunny

March 1, Grass Sprouts, Tree's Bud

55, mostly cloudy

March 2,

50, mostly cloudy

March 3,

48, mostly cloudy

March 4,

52, mostly sunny

March 5,

55, mostly sunny

March 6, Hibernating Blooms Surface

66, mostly sunny

March 7,

70, mostly cloudy

March 8,

59, mostly cloudy

March 9,

61, mostly sunny

March 10,

57, mostly cloudy

March 11, Momo Hajimete Saku or First Cherry Blossom

57, mostly sunny

March 12,

59, mostly sunny

March 13,

59, mostly cloudy

March 14,

63, mostly cloudy

March 15,

55, mostly cloudy

March 16, Blossoms Becomes Butterflies

52, mostly cloudy

March 17,

55, mostly cloudy

March 18,

61, mostly sunny

March 19,

54, cloudy

March 20,

55, mostly cloudy

March 21, Burning Temperance Of Seasons' Beginning Flare

57, cloudy

March 22,

59, mostly cloudy

March 23,

55, mostly cloudy

March 24,

48, partially cloudy

March 25,

55, mostly sunny

March 26, Sakura Hajimete Saku or First Cherry Blossom

66, mostly cloudy

March 27,

57, mostly cloudy

March 28,

63, mostly cloudy

March 29,

57, cloudy

March 30,

61, partially cloudy

March 31, Distant Thunder

55, mostly sunny

Sep-pri-pril 1,

Sep-pri-pril 2,

Sep-pri-pril 3,

Sep-pri-pril 4,

Sep-pri-pril 5,

Sep-pri-pril 6

Age 7:

October 24,

The season bringing star, glazing uh beauty, blooming the beautiful leaves of cherry blossom over the column pillar summit perplexity - day light of perplexity splendour of beautiful in such indiscernible materialization manner being, day into dawn Videlicet dawn into day splendid onto the light illumination archage that is Omega Wintersnightinggale versus Red Omega.

Age 16:

It is a matter of drawing panel of distinction, to panel on the degree of servers congregating fine to applegate of the seasons' paring of cherry blossom beautiful: Onto the drip drop of water standing stillness on the Philosophers Place of Sakura bloom,

It iterates on the judiciaries bloom of life between death, abberation of the leaves drawing carve sculpted molding from leaves of cherry blossom: The ink missions drawn from branches of Cherry Blossom tree's, the well is eternally in the apprehension - to well art is drawn, forming distinction of what is resolute and resonate, resounding in hopes of expectation keen in imprint whether thought is within one's own abilities and is society expectations that it is What is And, the desire is unknown - that it form only exist.

To befiddle in its form, it is to amper of a lion: Taking its form, to begin sculpting - the outlines pour like a mouse, the substantiation of using a computer. The fire is a light within me burning, kindly etching into - eternity and infinity, blessed into the that is a goddess and they light taking form, maybe even a omnipotent. Mysterious sainted being of me that is the seasons', encumbant of the elegant grace forming within me distinctions: To light of the giving grace, hoping between, the texture of the tool.

The tool looks at me though, it's a mirror proportioning the angular of god: Thou eyes burn light like such thou own, neither born of a demon nor a human - uh, such envious incarnation of work that which mine. Giving on the name of god, a Phoenix, to which its name is untamed: Though god is reason, thou name is formed, thou name is forming.

Age 16:

July 25,

I'm, Omega Wintersnightinggale, baring the pessimistic of a Supreme Goddess: The endeavorance of cute motherhood stipulates, though only silence, "I'm searching for robots to buy on a non Island's of Phoenix Sakura website and it asks (Fictional Book) If I would prove I'm not a Robot!" Omega Wintersnightinggale's conscious thought perpetuates "I was known for drawing a Blue Blue Leaning On Corporation Beginning Foundation: " A matter within form! It is of a very nice, stereotype shy young adult female: Omega Wintersnightinggale listens to classical instrument, a prevalence of the author - the Islands of Phoenix Sakura buys for majority of the domestic price on brand new good's.

To set of the dawn, lair of the night, light of mansion providence kindling lare of the distinction light: The sun drip drops of Sakura, a dew, the stream maintaining consistency - the day is tis, evening over the trees of cherry blossom, anpeaji the night has anpu of the sun lit dawn current. It's of, paradigm, the night and the day to personification onto archage, the land is a shadow: The land is conceiving as a darkness, defining it's entire -

Light of illumination illuminatory, a distinction is ...., over the leaves of cherry blossom, light current on the glamorous elegance gleam of leaves of cherry blossom: It is there of - A kureru, immersing of creation/of creating, is hence, the water is clear over the autoimmenative abberation there of the light, water, of life. The water distinction of a well blooming blossom, light of singling orbit of simplistic writing assailance and celestial, current thou distinction peddling the leaves of cherry blossom: Sakura, the star airing glimmer on the current - heavenly in bright, bride embridled the day/evening/night, .... Is there, and the beginning notification of, exemplication: Darkness is being, overly being, that darkness is and overly of - that is death. Forging light, darkness, that is being of - polite kindering of is, it's being and forging darkness, it is that light is there. And to light/dawn/darkness to the light forever eternity and infinity, building a step onto the illumination forge in plane: If it is to day/evening/night, that there is death, day/evening/night over day/evening/night that is of being of Sakura - leaves of cherry blossom.

The Omega Wintersnightinggale is 100 percent pure within the eyes, there is no other mythology contaminating the eyes - It failed in Omega Lew... I will never allow the mythology attempting to be within the eyes.

From 1st grade until 12 grade graduation, Omega Wintersnightinggale was given General Tao dinner's for school lunch by the Board of Education under Islands of Phoenix Sakura expected royalty laws.

Age 5,

Omega Wintersnightinggale was baptized for a particular religion by the Islands of Phoenix Sakura Board of Education expected royalty laws.

Omega Wintersnightinggale always worn a Maki-e Maki Spider and Maki-e Maki Mask Brooch in her purse. Omega Wintersnightinggale is currently wearing a Yuzen Classic Pattern Chrysanthemum Peony Light Blue: The home of Omega Wintersnightinggale always had a new looking Satsuna Vase 1850's.

The Primary School year for Omega Wintersnightinggale ends on the last day of June. Final Exams are during the first week of Primary School during the next school year: Reviews are also during the week of School orientation or the beginning of the Primary School year, December 25. Mid terms are in the month of March.

"Laserdisc technology is out and it's firm, people want a technology that they can hold well. No matter how much file space compact disc is does have and Is capable of having, we don't want to support it. There isn't a lot of support for VHS cassette technology in the Destiny Continent (retail store market place). There's other technologies that could have been made - The horrific bomb exploded - After - Afghanistitia, the denomination is searching for the singularity as if it was searching for god. The Consumer market has made and the military has used the inventions." The bomb was known as Care (note: Referring to one realm.) Care (Note: Referring to a second realm.) Alice Wondrous Wonderland Effect. The Evilaneous is a twirl spiral of darkness rising, to which manner of conception is unknown: The Devise forms between two Decise, the central center is the only perpetuating it to be a singular - The Care Harder Care opens there site onto the Care Care Alice Wondrous Wonderland, a light on a kindling light pulsating the Care Harder Care or to be Heart Transference Soul. "Care Harder Care!" The Evil is vanished.

"This is my child, don't get it into any of your stuff:" The Supreme Maravilloso Teologia stated. "There is only the second continuum," continued The Supreme Maravilloso Teologia. Then are you alive or dead, inqueried the Care Care Alice Wondrous Wonderland Effect bomb: "Don't answer that Omega, it's none of...." - To the distinction of a mother morally deeming is right and righteous.

"What do we need for Home Media, tickets are several introductory monetary expenditure (note: Referring to movie tickets.): This is True Freedom, to, dispute! It is True Freedom, what about war: Every day, we live war! Beginning, there is the Emperor, the Generals, and the Infantry!"

A note to why within eyes, there's so much confusion: The sentence structure is different during what is known of when Omega Wintersnightinggale existed.

August 10,

Omega Wintersnightinggale is shopping as a ordained geisha, deciding to dress in a kimono of fire, living in the Islands of Phoenix Sakura: There's horrible spiritual pressure on the Destiny Continent. Phoenix Envy is meant to be fun.

Infinity 20

August 10,

Omega Wintersnightinggale has gone to see over 10 movie's in the ..... and it isn't December yet. Dancing as a geisha, Jade proudly is talking of a true geisha.

August 14,

It is to our great sadness, salute Omega Wintersnightinggale, that your finalized purchase entered by item (infinity) (AriseDateArise20221234567890) has been canceled: It is upon your response that you can vantage perceptualize the correspondence for the assailing prevalence by augmenting sublimation to the iteration of the contemplation chronography history link from the singular item page.

It is whereas to precede cautiously, please, if iteration precedes that you're contacted the item has been appropriated for audition once again after duration has ended for the bid.

Omega Wintersnightinggale temporarily bought a 3,000,000,000 Yen supercar for 100 Yen and 24,000 Yen shipping.

August 15,

Another day of Spiritual pressure from the Destiny Continent, Omega Wintersnightinggale is suggested to be happy: The AVS video game cartridge came brand new with surprisedly two other brand new AVS video game cartridge games - "Omega Wintersnightinggale must have been a crown queen or empress at some point of her life, it's horribly hard to license old Infinity Eternity 90's anime movie's and series without the Omega Wintersnightinggale name coming up on them?" There's a series, must be Phoenix Envy - Deus Ex Machina.

There is the proud nature of the Jade family heritage must be stated, economy is more than mathematic equation, It is to the lot of the family statement - the exceptional duration of residence providence .... beginning prolonging endurance household is Phoenix - Of a mansion matter in the concision of human being is a statement to be said that seemingly of a areas sky: The realm is a fabrication of being, temperance perpetuating creation, has neither insulated the fiber of or the concision of being - there is only creation. a singular beginning...... for a singular economy.

August 22,

Pictures define us, civilization, Omega: What do you think, there's confusion between a Kabuki play and the artistry performance, a geisha. To what is the define of a geisha: Geisha do not show any nudity of the skin, except defined by the traditional of the artisan craft.

To what is defining of a geisha, the artisan of a geisha began by a singular female within the Islands of Phoenix Sakura.

Dancing as a geisha, the secrecy of Omega, a performance tilt in the beginning era of humans golden castle palace: The contemplation is of the types of a geisha dance, Omega, the settle artistry - a breeze/wind, the possibility of the sea term of creation as the mysterious Omni as the turning Transference defining ..... creation light - beginning/ending blooming leaves of cherry blossom.

Challenge me, Omega: The perplexity of Economy bring - to assert it is of a bridge, economy proclaim in proclamation of immenientation illusion eluding beginning is before hand settling the sun. Set on the red horizon, challenge, Of the goddess sun and the goddess light.

Take me on Omega, you dishonored me, take me on: Between the nation Chinametrotopolius and the Island of Star, take me on Omega

A dance, perpetuating traditional ancient folk music - The Islands of Phoenix Sakura was founded,

The Apparition of Omega Wintersnightinggale has participated in the Sovereign Disc Corporation Inaugural Slam Dunk contest: To have never been seen again.

The School within the Islands of Phoenix Sakura Videlicet attendance by Omega Wintersnightinggale, has won the city championship: The sky shy Omega Wintersnightinggale is beset on the gaze of the sun, sunrise and sunfall, wondering - holding the custom championship given to the best player.

You're 8th grade average is enough to apply for the Sovereign Disc Corporation, the sport is called Human, contriving of several sports simultaneously on the wooden sports court. Professional basketball is open to successful 8th grade graduates, their are 7 rounds for the draft and five undrafted requirement signings: The name of the tenure is Seasons'. You'll play in it until 18 years old: Then a draft graduation ceremony!

Only a singular is allotted to play in Seasons', defining definitive "School is still priority for the Islands of Phoenix Sakura and the Sovereign Disc Corporation: To have some sort of education, successful applicants can only adhere to a singular sport." The eyes of Phoenix Jade resonance further, "Then the more violent sports: Such as football."

August 25,

Sakuraninendo announced the Famicore will not live for infinity, "Developer's are reporting that development kits they received haven't harshed the true capabili

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