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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

The Tea Party

Officer Dog and his family love tea. The police dog himself loves sweet tea. There is a dollar market one block from his house that sells tea for one dollar each. He wants to pick up some tea for his oldest adoptive daughter Kookie's tea party. The blue green dog with magenta ears and black eyes turned fifteen years old on July 15, 2018. She was born on July 15, 2003.
Lemon tea is the female dog's favorite tea and Officer Dog wants to surprise her with some. The police dog picks up five containers of the Dollar Market Lemon Tea and another five of the regular sweetened tea.
In all, the family has ten containers for the tea party!
The dollar clerk is a white cat named Wendy. She likes tea herself.
She also stays two blocks from Officer Dog and his puppies. Their cousin Lauren is an adoptive mother to the puppies. She lives in a doghouse in
Officer Dog's backyard.
There is a park three blocks from Wendy's house. After the dog pays for the tea, the cat closes up shop and invites her customers to the tea
party. Lauren receives a call from Wendy the cat and takes the puppies to the park in order to meet their cousins.
The oldest puppy is very surprised and especially grateful. She knows that her father works extremely hard keeping the community safe and he treats all of the citizens like family. Officer Dog works very hard to take care of his family and his friends can count on him to look
after their offspring when they need a babysitter.
All of the puppies know that their father is tired after working long hours and Lauren wishes that the police dog would rest. Kookie makes some sweet tea for Officer Dog, Lauren, and Wendy while sharing the lemon tea with her siblings. After the party, the police dog goes to sleep and Wendy watches the puppies for the night. Kookie, the birthday dog, spends the night with Lauren in the doghouse.

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